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How Darren filled my Blogging life with Optimism and Hope


Today I want to continue with my ongoing blogging success stories. For all of you who are new to blogging, especially in Fashion Blogging today topic is about the optimism. Way back in 2010 I met a person called Darren Rowse, who is a world famous blogger. Back then I was a newbie and learning blogging skills from various successful bloggers and SEO specialists. Darren is one of them. I attended one of his seminars about blogging for newbies where he explains various methods to become a successful blogger. The day has changed my life and blogging career forever.

As I told you all on my previous story how I become a successful Fashion Blogger from a newbie, Darren’s speech on that day not only motivates me for blogging, but also filled my inner-self with Optimism. There are tons of Indian bloggers who are trying to make their mark on the bloggoshere but failed due to lack of motivation or right skills. The day Darren teaches about small steps such as creating a blog post, share it with friends and family, ask them to share, make it available for social media sites and so on. In short those are the off-page promotion and SEO. On our blog we have to do some on-Page SEO as well to let search engines such as Google, Bing to know about us.

Last week one of my readers asked me about my motivation behind my blogging, today’s post is all about answering that. Darren’s seminar not only inspires me but also it gives me hope and optimism that even though I have very limited resource I can be a successful blogger one day.

After all these years I have become a complete tech savvy and running three of my blogs – two of them are fashion related and one is  pure mobile technology. Last January when one of my cousins was moving to Bangalore, her parents were too much worried. I called them to my home, invited them to sat in-front of my laptop and opened – a complete solution for her living in the alien city. Through’s optimal image browsing options, quickly they shortlisted three flats for her. After selecting they called the flat owner to finalize the best one for her. The best part, even though they were sitting at my room, they virtually visited the houses via their on site Maps.

After finalized the flat for their daughter, they thanks for the help, But I was really wanted to thank Darren and the technology itself. Years back all these people were against my blogging and now they all thanked me – this transformation filled my inner self with optimism and joy to even more good things with my blogging.

If you have any story of yourself where you feel you have made a change in someone’s life do let us know.

Vineet Bahl at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week A/W 2013 – Day 1


The Fashion design Council of India (FDCI) conferred the 21st edition of the Wills lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) Autumn-Winter 2013, where 125 foremost and juvenile designers from across the country will congregate in New Delhi from 13th to 17th March 2013 to swellhead their collections for the season.

WIFW is Asia’s biggest fashion trade extravaganza held over a five-day period. The event is one of the most celebrated in the Indian fashion calendar. The WIFW shows set new benchmarks and place Indian designers firmly on the global fashion stage.

Themes, colors, drapes, fabrics and even collection titles – the autumn-winter edition of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW), was all about India and its rich, colorful folklore and heritage. The WIFW A/W’ 13 provides the young & dynamic fashion talents of India the excellent business opportunities from both domestic and international buyers. In addition to make possible the exchange of ideas and networking connections between designers, buyers and affiliates, the event provides an enriching experience for everyone.

Young designer Masaba Gupta’s first collection for brand Satya Paul kick started the 21st edition of Wills India Fashion Week 2013 Autumn/Winter and the grand finale was staged by ace designer Manish Arora.

Make sure to book mark this page to get all the latest pictures & videos just after few minutes after the show. You can also Follow Indian Fashion Trends on Facebook & Twitter to get all the latest news right of your browser. Share this interesting page to your friends via the share button.

You can see the entire schedule of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter (Click Here). Here is the list of designers to showcase their talents on Day#1 (Click the name of a designer to view their collection).

Day 1, Wednesday – March 13, 2013

3:15 PM,,,,,,,,,,Opening Show by Masaba for Satya Paul

4:30 PM……….Anaikka – KanikaSalujaChoudhry

             ……….Anupamaa by AnupamaDayal

5:45 PM……….SiddarthaTytler

             ……….Vineet Bahl

7:00 PM……….Nikasha


8:15 PM……….Pankaj&Nidhi

9:30 PM……….NamrataJoshipura

WIFW AW’13 – Day 1 – Vineet Bahl’s Show


WIFW AW'13 - Day 1 - Vineet Bahl's Show

WIFW AW’13 – Day 1 – Vineet Bahl’s Show

Here is the rest of the collection by ace fashion designer Vineet Bahl.


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Introduction to Black Dog Variants: 12 Y.O. aka BD Deluxe


On my ongoing series of various types of BD Scotches – first up I have discussed about the the youngest of them all the 8Y.O. aka BD Centenary, on the following day I covered the BD 18yrs aka BD Reserve; on today’s post I’m going to discuss about BD 12yrs aka BD Deluxe. In this busy world; sometime you must savor something sublime that allows you to escape from this rushed world. For many Black Dog 12 Y.O. is just that something. It remains uninterrupted in sherry oak casks for 12 long edgy years before it is unconstrained. Preferably, each sip of the Black Dog 12 Y.O. Scotch should be savored for a minimum of 12 seconds to truly appreciate its charisma. Every element has been handpicked after years of research to arouse the connoisseurs. For Black Dog 12 year old deluxe scotch-whisky, the master blender promise a lavish finishing with a touch of cream. It’s imperative that you must enjoy Black Dog Deluxe Scotch leisurely & let the world wait rather than rushing it up.

BD 12 Y.O.

BD 12 Y.O.

Black Dog Scotch manufactures by using a bit of science, a bit of art and a magical secret formula to impeccable the mix together. They use all their panache and wizardry to perfect this label. The Highland Malts provide Black Dog 12 Y.O. Scotch their dry character. The Speyside malts add their complexity and classy smoothness. While the Islay whiskies put in their typical boggy quality and the Lowland malts bring in their full bodied, syrupy character. These are carefully mixed to make BD 12 Y.O. a true champ & prepared it to dominate other whiskies.

Color : Amber, with golden highlights.
Aroma : Robust malty, mellow woody, complex yet delicate aroma of sherry and vanillic sweetness with whispers of soft peatiness in the background.
Palate : Beautifully rounded, heavy body, pronounced malty, mellow woody, fruity sweetness with teasing light warm peat.
Finish : Luxurious and exciting, long and warm with a touch of cream.

To add yet another feather to its glory, the 12 Y.O. edition of the Scotch whisky has been awarded a silver medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. It’s is an EU-recognized organization which perform annual contest for various spirits and wines manufactured all over the world.

Black Dog makes it happen


We talked about an hour or so, I asked her, had your dinner? She replied yup @7pm only. I continued, so what’s your plan now? Hitting the bed? Or…she said; let’s walk… so I trip to the beach again, but not only with my dream girl, with a joyful heart also. We walked on the beach holding hands together. After a brief walk we sat together to enjoy the moon, cold breeze & sea wave sounds.

BD Centenary

BD Centenary

I asked her don’t you think we need something to drink? She said, “well that would be nice, don’t you think, a bottle of Black Dog would be perfect?” I replied with a serious face; ok let’s see how I can manage it. She started laughing by saying relax I was kidding. There is no way to get the bottle of the most luxurious scotch brand of India at the middle of the night here on a Cape Town beach, sit down & relax. I argued & said, you want Black Dog now, fine, let’s have it. Then I opened my back & took out couple of glasses & a bottle of the most premium whiskies’ of our era – Black Dog. She screamed with joy & hugged me.

We enjoyed the finest Scotch for the next hour or so… under the moon & in-front of the sea. This trip makes many changes to my life as finally I have started dating Nisha. Enjoying each others company in weekends. Having fine dinner together in our most favorite places & yeah! Let’s not forget the contribution of the Black Dog – the finest scotch available in India, which makes Nisha & Me together. Even now whenever we meet, we giggle, fight or snivel over a glass of scotch fore sure to keep it even more special.

Written as part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps


A New Beginning with Back Dog


At first she refused to take the glass, but after the bar tender pointed his finger towards me, she reluctantly accepted that. As soon as she was rapt by the awesome taste of Black Dog Scotch; I shifted right next to her & introduced myself. She introduced herself as Nisha.

dinnerI asked her why such beautiful lady sitting in such an exotic ambiance of the bar of that 5 Star lavish hotel along & depressed. She changes the entire topic wisely & asked me about why I offered her Black Dog? I don’t belong to any cerebral league as far as Scotches are concerned. I mumbled & looked towards my friend Akash, as her was the introducer of the brand just an hour ago. But in-front of a lady I couldn’t show my weakness, so I started saying what I felt when I first tried it. I said, I offered you this awesome scotch just because I believe it represent you:  Bold and sumptuous. For twenty one year’s these aged single malts and grain whiskies have remained dormant in our cold dark warehouses before they were finally mixed along by our master liquidizer. Thus the spirit should be control long on the roof of the mouth for a minimum of twenty one seconds to awaken its several hidden attributes. Sort of a rare masterpiece it’ll reveal its inner beauty. It’s inner world. Intense flavors of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger spice reward the roof of the mouth, and then whispers of cooking chocolate, liquorices and crushed almonds drift fondly on.

Black Dog

Black Dog

She stopped me in middle & asked “Are You the brand ambassador of this brand? (With a wacky smile). I said, to be very honest with you, I just tried this excellent scotch just few minutes back as one of my friends suggested me for this. I’m not very much into it. Then she bashfully smiled & said “very smart huh!”

As soon as she stopped smiling, I saw Akshay was approaching towards me…

(To be continued)

Written as part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps & Black Dog.


An Evening with Friends & Black Dog


The date was 10th January 2012. After a year & half long hard word at the office, finally my boss apprises me & finally I got my much deserving promotion. That was a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

Four of my close colleagues Akash, pradip, akshay & pramod insisted for a party, so after the day’s exertion at the office, we hit the best restaurant of the city. That was the second stopover of mine to that heavenly place. It was a 5star restaurant & the atmosphere as well as the ambience is just mind blowing, one of my friends Akash asked me what I would like to have as drink. Usually I am a non-drinker, thus I suggested him bring out the best from the bar. It was the most sophisticated and a truly exotic place of the hotel, we friends were sitting & chatting about the promotion.

dinner-iftMinutes later Akash arrived with four glasses & a bottle of – scotch called Black Dog. As a non-drinker I asked him about the brand Black Dog. He replied that this scotch is one of the most oldest & popular brands in the industry, trusted by thousands if not millions.

I trusted him as he is the most knowledgeable person on the table about any kind of luxurious things & tried the finest scotch of my life till date. Its soothing quality had the flexibility to refresh ourselves on any occasion. After almost half an hour of chatting & enjoying the world’s finest scotch, I made a move toward the bar for the payment, all of a sudden I noticed the most gorgeous women of the bar sitting alone, quite & looked depressed. I slowly made a move towards her a sat beside her; she was busy checking her cell phone for any incoming text messages. I quietly asked her “you look depressed, what happened?”

Black Dog

Black Dog

She looked at me & gave a look that I will never forget in my life. She then again took a sip on her drink & gazing her cell phone for some messages. Time was flying but this beauty was killing me from inside, she was so beautiful, but so depressed… I wanted to know the reason. You can say at that time, I was on a mission, a mission to bring back smile on her face.

So I made my second move for the night & ordered her a peg of Black Dog Scotch…

(To be continued)…

Sharing my experience with you & Ginger Claps


Exin Green IT Certification Exam – Here are Few Options


Exin’s Green IT certification exams focus on the organizational and environmental impact of IT initiatives. By covering the subject matter from a relatively non-technical perspective, the exams offered in this discipline are not only useful for IT professionals to complete, but are also applicable to the professional development of individuals working in a wide range of other fields as well, including executives, managers, finance and accounting, and production or operations leadership roles.

Though the Green IT certifications offered by Exin don’t require high level technical expertise, they do provide foundational knowledge on the technologies in the Green IT field. They additionally cover the broader, and more widely impactful, concepts of IT on the success or failure of an organization as well as the implications of information management choices on the local, regional and global environment and society.

Exin’s Green IT certification exam options include:

·         Green IT Citizen – emphasizing methods for applying Green IT initiatives in daily work and personal activities.

·         Green IT Foundation – targets the association between corporate responsibility and Green IT to provide candidates a strong foundational understanding of Smart/Green business solutions.

Whether you’re an IT professional seeking to expand your professional credentials to include foundational Green IT knowledge and skills, or a worker in any other field who wants to validate your knowledge base and ability to contribute to Green organizational activities, Exin certification exams in the Green IT discipline are able to satisfy your professional development goals.

To ensure success in taking an Exin Green IT exam, you’ll want to employ a targeted study and training plan prior to scheduling your test. Exin provides approved exam training resources on the organization’s website. You’ll also find the resources from providers like indispensable in your exam preparation activities.

Top 5 South Indian Actress to Make their Mark on Bollywood Movies


South Indian actresses are famous for their beauty & Oomph factors. Many of them treated like goddess down there. In recent years directors & producers from Bollywood are continuously approaching South’s hottest actresses to be a part of their movies. Many agrees to jump into the bandwagon of Bollywood, many reject the offers.

In the last decade top South actresses like Shriya Saran, Genelia D’Souza make their mark on Bollywood.

Today we are going to discuss about top 5 South Indian Sirens who recently joined Bollywood & looks very promising future in the tinsel town.

Illeana D’Cruz:


Illeana D’cruz

Trisha Krishnan:

Trisha Krishnan

Trisha Krishnan

Tamannah Bhatia:


Tamanna Bhatia

Kajal Agarwal:


Kajal Agarwal



Asin Thottumkal

Shahrukh, Katrina to shoot in Switzerland – Pay Tribute to Yash Chopra


Both Shahrukh Khan &  Aditya Chopra are planning to make Yash Chopra’s last directorial a memorable one; as both of them are arranging a shoot in Switzerland, the same place which creates the magic of Yash Chopra along with Shahrukh Khan in movies like Darr & DDLJ.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan-Katrina-Shahrukh

Jab Tak Hai Jaan-Katrina-Shahrukh

This will be a romantic number featuring SRK & Katrina Kaif in the showy mountains of Switzerland. On the other hand The song ‘Saans’ will defiantly ignite some passion onscreen between Shahrukh Khan & Katrina Kaif. Here is the latest video of the song ‘Saans’ watch & enjoy!

Miss India Hasleen Kaur Launches Diamond Jewelry Brand Anaira’s First Store in Delhi


Anaira’s Jewels, a leading Diamond Jewelry brand launched its first and exclusive diamond jewelry store in New Delhi today which was inaugurated by Miss India Earth Hasleen Kaur. The store offers a perfect blend of fine diamond jewelry embraced in exquisite gold and silver designs. The opening has been perfectly timed with the dawn of festive season. The store is located in a popular commercial hub in Saket, New Delhi.

Hasleen Kaur at Anaira's Store-Launch

Hasleen Kaur at Anaira’s Store-Launch

Commenting on the launch of Anaira’s first store, Director and entrepreneur Nishu Tripathi said, “I am very excited with the launch of our first standalone store in Delhi. Anaira’s is a one-stop-shop jewelry destination offering a wide range of exclusive diamond jewelry. We have introduced some of the finest collection appealing to buyers with a contemporary as well as traditional mind-set. Our aim is to reach out to a larger audience with affordable diamond jewelry for all occasions. We plan to open five more stores in within the next year through a franchise model.

Miss India Hasleen Kaur Launches

Miss India Hasleen Kaur Launches

The store is spread out over 1000 sq. feet area and offers diamond jewellery with a starting range of Rs. 5,000/- moving up to 10 lacs. The affordable range of designs consists of perfectly crafted finger rings, earrings, pendants and sets appealing to a wide range of customers. As an inaugural offer, Anaira’s is offering all its customers exciting discounts on all designs ranging from 15 to 30 percent.

Speaking at the launch, Miss India Earth, Hasleen Kaur said “I am delighted to be at opening of Anaira’s exclusive diamond store. The brand has introduced some of the finest, contemporary diamond jewelry in the Indian market. The designs lift up your mood no matter what you’re wearing or doing. I personally prefer to accessories with studs in silver, gold and diamonds. As we always say, diamonds are every girl’s desire.”

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