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Hot or Not? Katrina Kaif in Light Pink Saree


Hot Or Not? Katrina Kaif in Light Pink Saree…

Bollywood’s style queen Katrina Kaif is back with her Saree. Recently we have spotted her in this awesome light Pink Low Rise Saree with deep cut blouse. She looks absolutely stunning.

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Katrina-Kaif in Saree



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Sonakshi Sinha Announced the Date of Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2012


Auditions for the Aamby Valley City India Bridal Fashion Week in association with Azva, saw an awesome rejoinder from female and male models from across India and other parts of the world at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai.

Here are few of the images of the auditions:

Model Auditions for Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2012

Model Auditions for Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2012

Model Auditions for Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2012

Model Auditions for Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2012

Show Your Skin in Indian Style with Bikini Saree [Images]


Even though Indian women’s are the hottest bodies & faces, they are too shy to show their figure in public. When the time comes to wear a bikini in-front of public, they hide themselves. In some cases the young girls are comfortable wearing a bikini & show their perfect figure, but somehow they have been forced to give up such skimpy wardrobe. They can’t relax in two pieces even on the poolside.

Bipasha Basu-Bikini-Saree

Bipasha Basu-Bikini-Saree

The wait is over as our own Delhi based designers Shivan Bhatia & Narresh Kukreja have designed a saree which shows women’s figure but with decency. “Indian women have the best bodies in the world and are also the most shy about them,” Narresh told The Sunday Times. The draped suits range from black shawled two-pieces to brightly colored gown-like swimwear.


Pamela Anderson in a Bikini Blouse hot Saree

With the sudden change in youth culture, urban chick has the dare to wear the skinny bikini or other provocative dresses. “It got a good response from women who are going to nice fancy cocktails, on their honeymoon or to beach weddings which are the new rage in India,” he said.

Recently bong bombshell Bipasha Basu opted to wear one of the Bikini Saree by Shivan & Narresh at the IIFA Awards in Singapore. Though her sensuous looks was projected as vulgar by few media personnel, we believe one should wear anything if she feels comfortable in it. Couple of years back in an Indianreality TV show Hollywood star Pam Andersen wore such Bikini-Blouse which creates much controversies.

10 Styles of Saree Draping to Look Sensuous in Public

SAREE Is the Household attire in almost every part of India. Much like India’s culture there is a tremendous diversity we can notice in Saree Draping. In the early days of Ramayana & Mahabharata; wearing a Saree was totally different from today’s style. Though it takes quite a few days to expertise in this field, but once you have the basic idea about how to drape (wear) a Saree, you can experiment with it for the rest of your life.
Possibly there are more than 100+ styles to wear a saree, but it’s pretty hard to wear all types; so our experts have chosen few images (read styles) & describe them to help you understand more about different types Sraee draping.

Look at the image above, his is the most common style to drape a Saree in Indian Style. The Pallu can be left open or can be tied up at the shoulder.

This model in green saree looks nice, if you don’t have a figure to flaunt or to shy to flaunt, try this Gujarati saree style.

A unique way of tucking pleats and pallu. A little variation in draping style can create wonders and the end result is exactly like this.

I personally like the Bengali & Gujarati Styles as they have mainly carrying Saree to a new level. It is a variation of the Gujarati style, where the pallu falls in front. The images above & below are two variations of two Gujju styles of Saree draping.

Traditionally the Pallu in the Gujarati style is tied on the right shoulder but here in this image it is tied on the left shoulder.

Much like today’s style of Saree draping, she looks sensuous as well as traditional. The best part is stapped blouse

This above picture is a Saree fashion disaster, why? This style doesn’t go well with the blouse. However, this style will go well with a spaghetti strap or strapless saree blouse.

The picture above is represented very classy saree draping style, just give it a fresh look at the picture, she doesn’t use any safety pin to hold her saree drape on her sholder; instead of it she used her blouse strap to do the job. Innovative.

Saree become bold when you can wear it like this. She looks hot & confident, she’s revealing her belly just the right amount & that’s the oomph factor of this draping style.

This style might not suitable for public wearing, but she looks confident & bold. The saree draping is pretty cool.

The image below of 5 different Saree draping styles are from popular chick band group; but the way most of them were wearing their sarees should be avoidable.

Indian Fashion Trends: India’s Top Women’s Apparel Brand:


India’s Top Women’s Apparel Brand:

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