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Exclusive Interview with Tehmeena Afzal of Playboy fame


Few weeks back we have promised to take an exclusive interview with Tehmeena Afzal of Playboy fame. Yesterday night we had the opportunity to engage in a little intimate conversation with her. Those who doesn’t heard her name, she’s the first Asian women to be appeared on Playboy mag, peeping India’s sensation Sherlyn Chopra.

Tahmeena Afzal

Tahmeena Afzal-in-Bridal wear

Before we jump to the interview section, here are few facts about Miss Meena:

Height —  5’3”

Weight —  115 Pounds

Bust — 34DDD

Waist — 24

Hips — 38

Here is the exclusive interview of Tahmeena Afzal of playboy fame aka very hot Miss Meena.

1)    Tell us about the real Tehmeena Afzal? (brief intro about you & your family – On your journey from Lahore NYC?)

 I was born and raised in Queens, NY. My parents are both from Karachi. They came to the US after their arranged marriage. I have a younger brother and sister also.

2)    You chose modeling as a career; what made you do that?

It was something I always wanted to try just for fun! I personally never wanted to do it but people told me I should try and it ended up working out really well for me.

3)    Are you happy with the progress you’re making? 

 100% ! Ive accomplished so much in such a short period of time along with attaining my college degree, working a full time job and raising 2 children!

4)    What is fashion according to you?

Fashion to me is not the latest trend but the way each individual expresses themselves through their own style not what everyone else is wearing.

5)    On which Magazine cover you want to see yourself after Playboy (Maxim, FHM or others)? Why?

I’ve always loved Maxim!!! It would be nice to see someone of my ethnicity grace the cover of any of the major publications.

Tahmeena Afzal

Tahmeena Afzal-Hot

6)    What’s the secret of your picture perfect curves?

I work out and 4+ days a week, watch what I eat and get plenty of sleep.

7)    What are your next projects?

I will be shooting more videos for my website and hopefully get to release a 2014 calendar!

8)    Tell us more about your Playboy Miss Social of the year.

I was crowned Playboys Miss Social May 2012 and won a trip to L.A. and a photoshoot with a Playboy Photographer. The Playboy Miss Social of the Year contest takes the monthly winners from the previous years and puts them head to head against each other. The prize is another trip to L.A. and a photoshoot at the Playboy Mansion! Fans can vote for me at daily till the end of the month!

9)    Do you consider yourself as a sex icon as you have done many lingerie shoots?

I don’t. I just like being an inspiration for other females of my culture and background to  do what I do. You only live once and should do what you want despite what others think!

Tahmeena Afzal

Tahmeena Afzal

10) Being a Pakistani, Many of your countrymen rise eyebrows on your actions, any comment?

I cant please everyone! As much as I have people that frown to what I do I have many that support me and love that I have the guts to model.

11) Do you believe in love at first sight? Or its just lust at first sight?

Lust at first site. Love takes time to grow.

12) What’s your opinion about one night stand & pre martial sex?

I don’t believe in a one night stand. As for pre-marital sex I think that sex is a big part of a relationship and you should necessarily wait till your married to find out if you like it with your partner or not.



13) The best pickup line came for you?

I lost my number, can I have yours?

14) You are most comfortable in which wardrobe?

A robe with nothing under it.

15)  After Veena Malik & Sunny Leone’s fame any chance of joining Bollywood as a lead actress?

I would love to. Just waiting for the opportunity to call.

16) Any message to your fans?

Yes, please check out my website follow my twitter add me on facebook and vote for me to see me in Playboy  Thank you for all your support over the years! Without you I would be doing what I do today! Xoxo

Hope you enjoy her interview, though for many she’s doing things against her religion, but for her millions of fans across the globe she is a true inspiration. Send us your feedback through @IndFashionTrndz or our .

Tehmeena Afzal became First Asian to featured on Playboy, not Sherlyn!


Indian starlet Sherlyn Chopra‘s pride of becoming first Asian Model to feature on the Playboy Magazine has been overtaken by Pakistani model Tehmeena Afzal aka Meena. According to a source the Pakistani bombshell, who is originally from Lahore, becomes the first Asian model to adorn the Playboy cover.

Thmeena Afza

Thmeena Afza – Sherlyn Chopra

Singer, entrepreneur, model Tehmeena Afzal lives in New York City & have a huge fan following worldwide. Indian Model turned actress Sherlyn Chopra claimed that she became the first Asian chic to be on Playboy last year when she  visited US last year; but Meena (Tehmeena) peeped Sherlyn when she appeared on Miss Playboy Social website. Even though she has done many provocative photoshoots, she has her family supports, always.

Tehmeena Afzal

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