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Chandrika Ravi featured on Maxim India as Hometown Hottie


If you got your copy of Maxim Magazine for the month of December you probably notice Bong Bomshell Bipasha Basu‘s skinny outfits, but one section I’m sure you shouldn’t miss is their ‘Hometown Hotties‘, where they invited foreign based models to showcase their talents infront of thousands of Indian readers.

Last month they have featured a very talented Boston (now LA) based model, entrepreneur Ruvi Bazaz (Read Ruvi Bazaz’s exclusive interview with IndianFashionTrends here, where she revels many of her secrets). This months they featured another talented upcoming model from Australia (Who currently situated in LA) — Chandrika Ravi. Just before she hits the shelves, we had the opportunity to chat with this dusky sensuous desi diva. You can read Chandrika’s  exclusive intimate chat with me here to know more about her dreams, her likes-dislikes.

But before that have a look at the latest snap of her on Maxim India Magazine: Remember You have the permission to ogle her image, but in a decent way!

Chandrika Ravi

Chandrika Ravi

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Click Here to watch Naughty,Ssensuous Chandrika’s over 70 images where she oozing her sensuousness & sex appeal. I bet you don’t wanna miss this one!

Image Credit: Maxim India.

Boldness Redefined by Indo-Aussie Model Chandrika Ravi [Exclusive Interview]


As we have mentioned in our last interview with Ruvi Bazaz that in this freezing winter, Team Indian Fashion Trends, have decided to bring some warmness to your living room with few hot-shot interviews. Our today’s interview is the  second installment of it. There are hundreds of Indian origin models working day & night outside India to make their presence in the industry. Many of them are accomplish success, many falls short, but our today’s interview with Chandrika Ravi is with one of the most hottest one yet.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to have an exclusive chat with Chandrika Ravi, who will be featuring in the Maxim India magazine in December. She has one of the most perfect lingerie figure I have ever witnessed,  so just because she is an Indian origin model, don’t get confused that she can’t show her skin, read to know more about the real Chandrika below.

Chandrika Ravi

Chandrika Ravi

1) Tell us about the real Chandrika Ravi? (Parents, Place of Birth etc)

Well I am half Malayalee and half Tamil. My birthday is the 5th of April 1989, making me very much an Aries! Stubborn, headstrong, determined, kind hearted and giving! I was born in Australia and called it home until 2011, when I relocated to Sydney and Singapore for jobs and to further my career. I have attended various Theatre, Screen Acting and Dance schools around the world since the age of 3. My dad is an Aeronautical Engineering Lecturer and my mother is an Office Manager. I also have a younger sister who is studying nursing, but also trained in dancing! I’m a very “homely” person who enjoys sitting on the couch with my family and watching a good movie after a good family meal! When I’m not working and back home in Australia, I’m spending my time at my dancing school teaching or taking classes! In my spare time I love to watch movies to keep up to date on my work and learning more about the industry because it is always changing! I’m a sucker for love and fairy tale endings!

2) On your journey from Australia to LA?

It was 7 years in the making! As soon as I had finished High School and I was done with Drama and Dance school and training, I thought the time was right! But lots of things came up and I’m here now! Everything happens for a reason! It has been a great, smooth move with lots of friends and family reaching out to me! I’m very much independent so I enjoy my apartment in Hollywood and building my life “again”. It’s a whole day away from home so it’s made me even stronger!

3) What made you chose modeling as a career?

Dancing and acting is all I can remember doing since I learnt to walk and talk. Modeling was something I did on the side because my parents put me in a few shoots here and there. It wasn’t until I was about 16, and society was changing their views on skin color and curvyness that I thought I’d be able to make this a career!

4) Tell us about the best part of your work?

Waking up every morning and getting paid to do what I love and have loved since I was 3. It’s the greatest blessing!!!

5) Are you happy with the progress you’re making?

Beyond happy! There’s only a little percentage of the industry that is actually “working”, so I’m blessed and humble to be a part of that!!!

6) Which segment of modeling you prefer as your career?

I love the commercial side of things. Magazines, music videos, television commercials. I’m in my element!!!

Chandrika Ravi

Chandrika Ravi

7) On which Mag cover you want to see yourself? Why?

Harper Bazaar, Femina or Vogue India! The most amazing magazines in the world and that too from India where the most beautiful women in the world, perfect!

8) What’s the secret of your picture perfect curves?

As funny as it is, I work out to eat! A healthy diet without extreme limitation, regular exercise and those good Indian genes!!!

9) What is your favorite holiday spot/food/gadget?

My favorite holiday spot is going back home to Perth, Western Australia to see my family! The peace and serenity of taking time off in a place you are familiar and loved is an amazing feeling!

Food is my true weakness. It is the way to my heart! I love going to places and trying new foods and delicacies and getting my taste buds going!

 My Phone and laptop! I can’t live without them! I’m able to contact my family and keep in touch with everyone through Skype and other amazing programs!

10) Who is your fashion icon? Why?

Beautiful Indian women like Deepika Padukone! She is stunning, fashionable and the epitome of an Indian woman!

11) The costliest thing you ever possess?

I would have to say my car back home! I miss it!

12) What are your next projects?

I’m currently working on a new reality TV show here in LA and am in talks with producers about a guest role on a very popular TV show!

Chandrika Ravi

Chandrika Ravi

13) Tell us about your Craziest fan?

Haha! There are a few of them! But it’s all love and I know they give all they’re support. I see all of you, you don’t need to contact me in every way possible!!!

14) Do you sing aloud when no one else is listening?

I sing aloud even when people are around! Haha! And I’m not a singer!

15) Your opinion about marriage?

I can’t wait! A beautiful act of honoring the love between two people!

16) Do you believe in love at first sight? Or its just lust at first sight?

Definitely lust at first sight! You are attracted to a person based on they’re outer shell because you wouldn’t know what is inside! Love comes later!

Chandrika Ravi

Chandrika Ravi

17) What’s your opinion about one night stand & pre martial sex?

One night stands happen for some people! Sometimes it becomes something, sometimes it doesn’t!

Pre-Marital sex is something that is the “norm” in our society these days.

People feel like it is necessary to show love when there are other ways!

18) Do you consider yourself as a sex icon as you have done many lingerie shoots?

I have been told so! Being an Indian woman as well and trying to be as provocative as possible, it’s a blessing and a curse sometimes!

19) The best pickup line came for you?

“I could see your pants on the floor next to my bed”! Yuck!

20) Most embarrassing moment?

Haha! There are really too many to state! I am abit of a clutz sometimes!!!

21) Tell us about your first date?

I went to a movie and ice cream with my first boyfriend! It was boring compared to the dates I go on now haha!

22) What is fashion according to you? You are most comfortable in Saree, Salwar, Bikini, others (if others, mention what)?

Fashion is different for every individual! It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and taking on the ideas and concepts of what is “style” and adding in your own flavor! I’m comfortable in anything I wear, but I really do enjoy wearing my sarees and salvars because I am always having to wear western clothes so I enjoy getting back to the Indian roots!

Chandrika Ravi

Chandrika Ravi

23) Any chance to join Bollywood?

There are a few offers on the table! So in the near future!

24) Any message to your fans?

I’d love for you to follow my journey and my learning process! I promise ill make you proud!

My Maxim India issue comes out in December so make sure you grab it! Lots of love and light always, Chandrika

Here are the largest collection of Chandrika’s images from various sources:

My Take on Chandrika: When I first saw Chandrika’s lingerie portfolio images, I was expecting lesser amount of Indian ethics from her; but she proves me wrong & I have to admit that behind her dusky sensuous curvy figure, she carries her Indian ethics quite efficiently. Hope to see her on the big screen soon!

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