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Bollywood inspired Makeup Tutorial: Rekha [Video]


Hiya! Beauties, my name is Deepika. This is my first article on I am a makeup and beauty blogger on YouTube and would be sharing tips, tricks and trends.

Rekha inspired Makeup Tutorial

Rekha inspired Makeup Tutorial

This article is all about the Bollywood’s Evergreen Gorgeous Woman Rekha Ji’s makeup. Rekha Ji is known for her versatile acting and evergreen beauty.Her signature makeup is fair skin, contoured face, neutral smokey eyes, thick eyebrows, dramatic winged eyeliner, dark lips and big bindi. Not to forget her little upper lip mole which adds a touch os sensuality to her gorgeousness.

So without further ado, let’s see the Bollywood inspired Makeup Tutorial [Rekha] where I explain and show you how to achieve Drop Dead Diva Rekha Ji’s Signature Makeup.


The products & tools used in the video are listed below in the order used:


1) Victoria Secrets Airbrush Face Primer

2) Calvin Klein Hydrating Foundation (101 Beige)

3) Victoria Secrets Airbrush Eyeshadow Primer

4) Wet n Wild Eyebrow/Eyeliner Pencil (Taupe)

5) Maybelline Greatlash Macara (Clear)

6) Elf Cream Eyeshadow (Bronze)

7) Calvin Klein Eyesdahow (Champgne, Bronze)

8) Elizabeth Arden Matte Eyeshadows (Chocolate Brown,Espresso)

9) Milani Liquifeye Liner (Black)

10) Forever21 Love & Beauty Quad (Matte Black)

11) Boots No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara

12) Bobbi Brown Color Corrector (Peach)

13) Milani Highlighting/Concealer Pen (02 Medium)

14) Loreal True Match Pressed Powder (n2)

15) Elf Blush & Bronzer Duo

16) Elf Studio Blush (Candid Coral)


1) Beauty Blender Dupe

2) Elf Eyeshadow Brush

3) Pencil Brush,Angled Contour Brushes (Crown Brush Kit)

4) Eyebrow Spooly (Glam Express Brush Kit)

5) Blush Brush (Eco Tools)

6) Elf Flat Top Studio Powder Brush

7) Elf Eyelash Curler

Hope you enjoyed my first attempt to make you more elegent & veautiful. If you have any query, drop me a line on the comment & I will get back to you asap. Meanwhile you can check out my other videos on my YouTube channel & Join me on Facebook.

How to Kill with your Looks on this Valentine’s Day – Chandrika Ravi


So valentine’s day is upon us again. I don’t think there is another day in the year that people have such a big love/hate relationship with. We contacted our very own Maxim featured sensuous Chandrika Ravi, a Model/Actress of Indian origin from Los Angeles, US to help us to give you the best possible dressing guidance for this very special day. Even though her very hectic schedule, she managed to send us the following tips for young super confident girls, to look more sexy, sensuous & gorgeous.

valentines day-2013

Valentine’s Day-2013

Chandrika Says:    

Chandrika Ravi

Chandrika Ravi

For those of you that have a lucky date with someone on Cupid’s day, remember, first impressions count. If you’re on the side of the world where it’s cold, you can never go wrong with the jeans and heels combo.

Nowadays you can also get some great leather pants that look super sexy with a sexy pair of stilettos! Team that up a super cute flirty top and a nice blazer, super cute accessories and you’re set!

See Chandrika Ravi on Maxim

If you’re on the side of the world where it’s hot and humid, you can never go wrong with a nice flowing, summery dress. Whether its a maxi dress or something short, it’s sexy with a little bit of cute! Team it up with some pumps and smokey eyes and you’re going to show the man why Cupid shot him with your arrow!

For those of you that are looking to spice up a relationship with the special someone you’ve shared your heart with for awhile, sexy is the way to go. Yes, less is more, but I’m sure your man would love to be reminded why he fell for your spell in the first place! Wear a nice knee length, curve hugging dress. Accessorize, pumps and bodied hair. You’re an instant bombshell!

Read Chandrika’s exclusive interview with us here.

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How to Make Lipstick last longer


How to Make Lipstick last longer

Lipstick is an integral part of makeup and there would be nothing wrong in saying, it is a woman’s life.  I love to wear a lipstick because it makes me happy and confident from within as well as brightens up my face. However it can get annoying when it starts fading through the day after eating and drinking. Personally, I hate to reapply it because I have other important things to do, obviously!!

One solution is to buy long wearing lipstick but it can be quite drying on the lips. So ladies, I am here to give you a tip on how to make your lipstick last longer. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Moisturize your lips. Trust me, chapped lips are the most unflattering to look at.

Step 2: After 10 mins, take a lip liner and line your lips as well as fill them in. It creates a base on the lips which will help the lipstick to stick better on to the lips. If you don’t have a lipliner of the same colour as your lipstick, you can always apply the colour close to your skintone.
 Long lasting Lipstick Guide
Step 3: Then apply your favorite lipstick. In the picture I am using Rebel from MAC. Amazing color!!!
Step 4: Then take a tissue and pat on the lips such that only a light layer of lipstick is left on the lips. By doing this we are creating a base with two layers. First layer using the lip liner and second layer with the lipstick.
Step 5: Re-apply the lipstick on your lips. This will be third and the final layer on the lips.
Step 6: Viola!!! You are ready for a kiss.
Long lasting Lipstick Guide
If you have any query regarding any makeup, just drop me a mail at & I will try to resolve it asap. You can even send us your views on @IndFashionTrndz to get a quicker reply. Have fun & stay beautiful.
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Special Giveaway: ‘The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva’ featuring Kareena Kapoor


Indian Fashion Trends Special Giveaway: ‘The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva’ featuring Kareena Kapoor!

We have been covering the news related to Indian Fashion, Bollywood, Makeup, Styles of Wedding Sarees, Salwars, How To Tutorials & many more topics since 2010. After a long two and half years of the journey became the synonyms of Indian Fashion & Lifestyle blog. We are holding our top position on Technorati for best Indian Fashion Blog run by an Indian from India for a long time now! Thanks for making us this big!!! Now we are planning to give you few rewards, our current giveaway is just the beginning of it.
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'The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva' featuring #Kareena Kapoor

‘The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva’ featuring Kareena Kapoor

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Look Gorgeous with Trendy Eye Makeup Tips


There are so many kinds of makeup that fades or stays with the trend. However, there are some kinds of makeup, also, that will always look cool and stay lively forever. The process of makeup application involves new experiments to bring out the new looks in you. Cool eye makeup is one of makeup that is always trendy and in fashion and if you want to learn how to wear it, then read through for suggestions and recommendations.

How to Wear the Cool Eye Makeup

How to Wear the Cool Eye Makeup

How to Wear the Cool Eye Makeup

a) Highlight your Eyes Finely

Petroleum jelly is the key that can work prudently to place the spotlight on your eyes. Take a small amount of petroleum jelly and apply it on your eyelash lines till the creases. Before applying the jelly, ensure that the eye area is clean. You even need to take care of applying extra jelly as this will only make your eye portion look greasy.

b) Apply Makeup Primer

Make use of makeup primer on your eyes especially during the seasons when you are likely to wear different colors of makeup. Once the primer is absorbed well in your skin then you can proceed applying the eye shadow. Primer and eye shadow should be applied right from the lash lines to your brow bones. This technique of applying primer and eye shadow lessens the creases of your eye shadow or eyeliner and it also helps to make your makeup look more vibrant.

c) Trying out a Delicate Eyeliner Look

Eye shadows are not always essential. You can apply eyeliner plainly without brushing the eye shadow. Besides there are so many forms of eye liners such as glitters, cream, gel, liquid and also in pencils, with the help of which you can create an outstanding artistic appearance effortlessly. However, with the liquid eye liners, you need to be extra careful by restricting their application on the upper eyelids only as they tend to screw up if you are not able to draw the line perfectly with a firm hand. Even for the top eyelids, if you are not able to draw the line smoothly then use the cotton swabs or smudge brush for creating the Smokey eye look appearance. This way you can utilize your time and energy spent on drawing the eye line.

d) Curling the Eyelashes

Curled eyelashes are one way to highlight the eyes as well as the eyelashes. Make use of an eyelash curler as well as the thickening or curling mascara. To appear a little dramatic, wear false eyelashes which are natural looking which you can exploit for daily use. For events like the night outs, social entertainments and parties, go in for colored false eye lashes to create an extra dramatic look.

d) Get the Encouragement

If you are the one who believe in trying something extra ordinary or exceptional, then you can always refer different styles of different eras and decades that can facilitate you with loads of creative thoughts. You can also make a combination of these different styles like a mix match of 1970’s eye makeup with 2010’s style. Simply avoid sticking to a single style as this would only give you a plain look. Thus, keep on experimenting diverse styles from time to time. This will not only make your makeup unique and fun experimenting, but also would make you perfect as well as more creative.

The motto of cool makeup is to make you look fresh and happening so do not adopt the same styles over and over again. Be unique in your own way and style and introduce a new statement of cool makeup everyday!


Author Bio- I am a beautician and love to share makeup ideas and beauty tips. Above article provide the eye makeup ideas. You can read more tips and guideline in my website. is the perfect place to clear all your doubts about makeup and also provide the information about best beauty product.


Top 10 Makeup Tips for Indian Summer ~ A Must Read

Summer has arrived and it’s scorching heat all over the country. And the one thing that loses its beauty during summer is our face. In spite of applying a lot of sun-block /sunscreen lotion we always return home with a face tanned and dirty. Make-up doesn’t come into the picture as all the make-up we put in the morning, gets drenched with our sweat within no time and never gets to see the sunset. So, here a few make-up tips for the hot Indian summer that helps fight sun-tan and doesn’t look overdone too.
After coming out of the shower in the morning apply a good day cream (for pigmentation or fairness or whatever you use on a regular basis)
Apply kohl on your eyes. Do not smudge if your face is round and bigger than people who you are with. Keeping it simple does the trick. Women who have tiny eyes should definitely apply kajal. Smudged eyes look great on women having thing long faces.
20minutes before getting out in the sun apply the sunscreen lotion you have. A SPF of 45 or more is what you should look for. Do not apply anything on your face after applying sunscreen, not even water.
Then just 5minutes before getting out in the sun, apply a good compact all over your face and neck.
Compacts from Oriflame and Lakme usually come cheap and effective. This will prevent your face from sweating and the sunscreen from melting down.
Top up with a little talcum powder to make up for the unevenness in complexion on the face and to hide the scars and spots, if any.
Never forget to apply a good lip-gloss or lipstick on your lips before going out. This helps protect the lips from getting tanned. Revlon lipsticks are preferable. It’s better to have colored lip glosses rather than the transparent ones.
If you have smudged your eyes with kohl then applying blood red lipstick will look great on you. Do not match brown lipsticks with smudged eyes especially when you have large lips.
Women having thin lips should never forget to apply kohl on their eyes.
Always remember not to highlight both your eyes and lips, unless you want to look like a bozo. The trick is to highlight the eyes when you have thin lips. And to highlight the lips when you apply a little kajal only.
Never forget to take the compact, lip gloss/lipstick and kajal in your bag as you go.
And lastly, apply a little mascara on your eyelashes before you go to get that perfect look, simple yet beautiful, for your office or college or for hanging out with friends in the day.
Apply these 10 simple tips in the summer mornings and save yourself from getting tanned and look perfect for the rest of the day. Enjoy the summer and bid adieu to summer hassles.
Article by -          By Sanhita Baruah


Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most unforgettable days of your life. You want to look and feel the beautiful, radiant bride with your makeup enhancing your natural beauty. Your every blush, smile and kiss will be recorded on film so your bridal makeup needs to be picture perfect and look unblemished all through your big day. Bridal makeup is an imperative part of bridal dressing. Along with the shinning jewelry and an elegant wedding dress, if the makeup and the hairstyle are unsuitable then their beauty is also flawed. So it’s very important to know about the right kind of bridal makeupthat would suit the brides taste and skin tone. 

Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day
Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day

Though Indian bridal make up is a bit gorgeous with red and gold hues prevailing but the makeup shouldn’t be over the top and should naturally enhance the dewy vivacity of the bride. Bridal make up can effective correct any imperfection or marks that the bride may have in her face. So over all bridal make up form and integral part of a brides repertoire.


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Review: MAC Launches New Russian Red Lip Glass

MAC describes Russian red as vivid intense bluish red.

If you know me, you know one thing straight that I love simple makeup & accessories on any aged chicks. Undoubtedly Red is one hot color for the summer. Girls of any ages should try red lip-gloss during summer ~ it enhances your appeal to the person in front of yours. 

World leading cosmetics brand MAC recently launches Russian red Lip gloss; which is a cool toned semi opaque red lip gloss. It is a true red color, not orangish red, not pinkish red- just red. It is the kind of reds that makes your face look fresh. If you are afraid of using red lipsticks, starting with a red lip gloss is the best bet.

Review: MAC Launches New Russian Red Lip Glass
The lip-gloss goes on squarely on lips. It is a bit sticky but not thick. It stays on for good 3 + hours on my lips and does not transfer much (so you can even get intimate with your partner without any mark). If you have thin lips, I feel it makes your lips look a bit fleshy. It has a light vanilla fragrance. It fades evenly. I would say that it is best to apply a light layer of lip pencil underneath. That would prevent it from moving. But on its own also it is not one of the most high maintenance reds you’d come across. It does not emphasize the fine lines of the lips. It rather makes your lips looks smoother.  I would definitely recommend it.

Price: Approx INR 990.

Review: MAC Launches New Russian Red Lip Glass

How to Look Younger ~ 6 Awesome Tips to Hide Your Wrinkles

Easy Things You Can Do To Look Younger, Instantly!
There is hardly any girl who doesn’t want to look younger forever! But with the time the skin looks dull & younger, glowing skin feels with wrinkles. There are hundreds of Skin spots removing creams, face washes out in the market proclaiming they have the magic formula to hide you age & skin’s dead cells ~ hardly the do what they boldly. Here are few tips for Indian Fashion Tips readers to look younger than their age. With few very simple steps you can hide your wrinkles, at least in public.
* Downplay wrinkles by applying highlighter to creases. This will imitate the light and counter the shadow. Concealers only make lines look more prominent.
* Use a masquerade to tone and constrict your skin. The tightening effect is aesthetic and transitory, but using a mask has other benefits as well, such as cleaning out your pores, and conditioning your skin.
* Brighten weary eyes: Grooming eyebrows gives the illusion of lifted lids, and having more skin showing at the brow bone opens up the entire eye.
* Instant Eye Lift – use a lash curler to make eyes look more open and alive.
* Skip the face powder, they have a tendency to collect in groove and make wrinkles more prominent; and the dry powder look is out.
* If you have got longish locks, pull it back into a ponytail. It’s a youthful hairstyle, for one, but the point is it pulls the skin around your temples up and back. Bangs do a great job of hiding forehead wrinkles, too.
* Use a good moisturizer to hydrate and plump up your skin cells. Make sure it is mineral oil free so it doesn’t clog your pores and cause breakouts.
The best thing you can do to look younger is to take care of your skin on a daily basis. Always moisturize, use a gentle exfoliate two to four times a month and use a sunscreen, even under your makeup.

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Six Steps To Perfect Eyebrows ~ Few Killer Tips

Six Steps To Perfect Eyebrows.1. Brush brows upward then cautiously trim any excess hair above the top of your natural arch. Prevent taking off too much at the ends or you’ll have brow “bald” spots.

2. Be very careful about the shape. Your brow should begin at your tear duct, peak at the outer edge of your iris and end at the outer corner of your eye. Taking off too much at the outer corners makes the person look somewhat wired.

3. Clean your skin by soaking a cotton ball in astringent and wipe the brow area.

4. Hold a pencil in line with the outer side of your iris and take a look where the peak of your arch naturally occurs. From the arch to the outer corner of the eye, your brow should fall in a straight or slightly curved line, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

5. Hold the tweezers at a 45 degree angle and pluck the stray hairs below the brow line. Pull in the direction of the hair growth, or you may end up breaking the hair mid-shaft.. Its recommended to follow your natural brow shape, not the trends. It’s very difficult to let your brows grow back into their natural shape after you’ve plucked them to death trying to achieve a particular look.

Description: eyebrows. Fill in sparse areas with a freshly sharpened brow pencil – use light, quick strokes to draw in hair. Brow powder will give thin brows overall definition, and is great for a more natural look. Using the brow brush, sweep powder up and outward over brows. If you’re a brow novice, a tinted brow gel is a foolproof way to keep brows in place. Lightly coat brows using upward and outward strokes. Wipe off any excess and allow it to set!

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