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Winter Tips: How to Safeguard Your Hair During the Chilling Months


Winter is all set to hit the northern hemisphere & it’s time to safeguard your hair from the winter chilliness with some additional care. Throughout these frigid months your hair tends to urge nappy and what is worse is there is energy within the air. Here’s however you’ll combat winter hair woes with few easy steps:

Condition your locks:
Winter takes away natural moisture, and might dry up your scalp quickly. Keeping your hair well conditioned can make certain your hair is not dry. Dry hair is undesirable thus take additional care this winter.



Oil your hair:
Use oil on a daily basis during winter to make your hair more glowing & keep its moisture during the winter. It works higher than conditioners and hair wetness in so your hair does not dry up.

Make sure you wash your locks daily, I know during winter’s chilling months, it’s pretty hard, but do it for the sake of beauty.

Keep the warmth out:
if it is chilling outside; we suggest not to use blow dryers and curlers. It damages your hair-line due to heat-cold clash.

Down with dandruff:
Dry hair results in dandruff particularly within the winter season. Make sure to Rub the juice of a lemon mixed with 3 tablespoons on dairy product through on your scalp to urge obviate dandruff. You can also use anti-dandruff shampoos to resolve your downside.

Keep it sheltered:
In most parts of India, during winter we notice strong winds, thus keeping your hair covered can defend it. All you need many colorful sweaters, scarves and hats to safeguard your hairline. Since hair breaks simply cowl your hair with a silk scarf to shield it.

Keep in mind, winter stays for few months only, but damaging hair can keep you unhappy for long time, so keep it safe & keep it healthy.

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How to Get a Gorgeous and Healthy Hair


Top Hair Care Tips for Women

One of the best ways to bring out your natural beauty is to have gorgeous healthy hair. However, we often cause damage to our locks without even realising it, meaning that they can become dull and dry. Here are a few tips for helping ensure that your hair stays looking as healthy as possible.

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One of most common ways for hair to become damaged is by heat. Hair dryers and straighteners can both contribute to this, and so their use should be kept a minimum if you want to keep tresses looking a full and healthy as possible. In addition, you should also protect your hair when you go out in the sun. How many times have you covered your skin in sun protection cream before heading outdoors to relax with a good book or a game of FoxyBingo, but completely forgotten about protecting your hair? You hair can easily be damaged by the sun too, so it can be a good idea to apply a heat protection spray or cover your head if you plan to spend any amount if time outdoors.

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If you want to get smooth, sleek hair, then rather than using straightening irons, why not try applying a hair serum? This will help to smooth any flyaway hairs, without causing further damage to your locks. As well as regularly conditioning your hair, you will also need to apply a hydrating masque one a week, so give your hair that essential moisture boost. If you like to put your hair up, then use a hairband which is not made from rubber, and does not have a mental fastening which can catch on hair and cause it to break. If you are prone to split ends, then don’t forget that you will need to go for regular trims if you want to encourage your hair to grow into long, luscious locks.

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