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Top 100 Hottest Indian Celebs of 2013 – Video


India is the land of desirable & gorgeous beauties, for hundreds of years Indian ladies are known for their sensual dressing as well as innocent faces. At Indian Fashion Trends, for the last four years we are celebrating Indian beauties to their best possible fashion trends. Today we have something very special for you, as we have created a video of top 100 hottest  Indian Celebs of 2013 including top Bollywood actresses, Models, sports personalities & more. Checkout the video below & make comment to let us know who do you think is the hottest Indian diva of 2013.

Top 100 Hottest Indian Celebs of 2013 – Video

Top 100 Hottest Indian Celebs of 2013 -- Indian Fashion Trends

Top 100 Hottest Indian Celebs of 2013 — Indian Fashion Trends

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Celebs on Red Carpet at the 58th Idea Filmfare Award – 2013 [Images]


Earlier this evening the 58th Idea annual Filmfare award was held in Mumbai, India; where all the Bollywood celebs were attending we caught some of them on the red carpet. Here are some exclusive images straight from the Filmfare red carpet.


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Images Credit: Filmfare Twitter

Bollywood’s Hot Foreign Imports [New Foreign Actresses - Video]

candice boucher

Candice Boucher

Bollywood has become truly a global industry as more & more young foreign talents are pouring in each year in the B-Town. For the last few years Bollywood film industry has seen more than 10 new foreign faces.   On this article we are going to show you those faces & their accomplishments on our film industry.

Though most of the fans are go feral for white skin & bold attitudes, B-Town’s own siren Payal Rohatgi shares a Tweet about this controversial matter.

‘I found similarity in there faces and the fact that on an average Indians go crazy for white skin. That’s why a talent like frieda pinto gets ignored here but does A plus films in Hollywood. So its either camps or foreign exports who get work in Indian cinema in spite of them being Not able to speak Hindi or dance or act. Sad,’ she tweeted.

The face is very true, even couple of year’s back current Bollywood queen wasn’t able to speak Hindi & dubbed her voice, while new chicks like Jacqueline & Sunny preferred to flaunt their skins more than their acting skills.

Bollywood has always had a fascination for hot babes from foreign shores. As a host of these oomphy ladies try to make their mark in Bollywood. Foreign talents like Veena Malik, has also tried their luck on Bollywood with item numbers.

So can we say that as Indian audiences are fold of white skins, directors & producers are bringing new foreign faces? On the other hand can we say that actresses like Frieda Pinto are getting big list Hollywood movies just because of their skin tone? We are leaving you to deciede.

Here are few images along with a video of foreign babes who are persistently trying to make their mark on Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

veena malik

Veena Malik

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Here is the rest of the List of Foreign Actresses who are trying to prove that they are capable enough to fit in the big league.

Video Coming Soon! Watch this space!

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