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Indian Fashion Trends: Social Media marketing Tips Part 2


Social Media Marketing:

More hottest SMM tools are…

Google Buzz
Silicon India
many more…

any companies can register themselves and start interacting with the new people…

Indian Fashion Trends: Social Media marketing Tips


In todays world’s social media marketing is growing faster than anything else, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Orkut LinkedIn so on and so forth.

FaceBook has attracted all the small big Companies to take part of it and have a direct interaction with their customers.

While Twitter is doing the same thing with a blend of difference, they mainly updates their customers via tweets.

Orkut is little bit behind on this, as their main usage are based on India & Brazil only, Google’s Orkut is updating their looks and upgrades their user interface (UI) to be competitive with Facebook.

LinkedIn on the other hand offering their customers (mainly Corporate) to interact with each other.

Youtube (Google’s) is another powerfull tool to interact with the customers (rather potential customers, Through this YouTube Companies can Display their audio-visual programs for free!!!

In our next Article will will discuss more about this powerful Social Media Tools.


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