Travel, Fun & Work with Black Dog – Part One


After taking a deep gasp she said “hope we will meet soon” with a gloomy face I said chances are very less as I am going out of the country tomorrow evening for couple of weeks. By the look of her face, I can easily read that she was very disheartened.

The very next morning after an awesome presentation at the meeting, Me & Akshay joined 5 other of our outstation colleagues to travel to Cap Town for a week long seminar followed by a training session in Paris.

aeroplaneAt the airport lounge Akshay asked me what happened last night, I told him everything about Nisha. Initially he laugh, but became serious about the matter after I said dude I am serious about her & I will kill you if you laugh at hr situation.

We boarded the flight for our journey. Must tell you it was the most luxurious plane I ever board. The atmosphere was just amazing. After the take off, one of our New Delhi colleague Mr. Sharma asked me, so “would you like to have a drink?” I looked at Akshay & said “can we have Black Dog Here?” we both laugh at each other. Mr. Sharma was perplexed by our behaviors & all alone he departs towards the lounge. As he was one of our senior members, we had to follow him.

With much surprise I was couple of bottles of Black Dog along with few other brands of premium scotch, whiskies & Wines. Mr. Sharma asked me what type of drink I would like to have. In a hush manner I told Akshay for the last couple of time I had the super sexy Black Dog on my hand I had a beautiful time with Nisha, now let’s see am I third time lucky or not. I notified the bar tender to bring a glass of Black Dog for three of us. Mr. Sharma who is very particular about almost everything asked me why I ordered that. I told him, last evening I came across with this heavenly feel scotch brand, it’s not only the best, but has its heritage with it. Mr. Sharma asked me who old is this brand & where is its origin. Even though I didn’t know much about it, I told him “as far as I know it’s a 130 years old & one of the most premium scotch brand in the world, it’s from Scotland.”

Mr. Sharma was impressed by its aroma. After the first couple of sip, he said, “Good choice”

(To be continued)

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