A New Beginning with Back Dog


At first she refused to take the glass, but after the bar tender pointed his finger towards me, she reluctantly accepted that. As soon as she was rapt by the awesome taste of Black Dog Scotch; I shifted right next to her & introduced myself. She introduced herself as Nisha.

dinnerI asked her why such beautiful lady sitting in such an exotic ambiance of the bar of that 5 Star lavish hotel along & depressed. She changes the entire topic wisely & asked me about why I offered her Black Dog? I don’t belong to any cerebral league as far as Scotches are concerned. I mumbled & looked towards my friend Akash, as her was the introducer of the brand just an hour ago. But in-front of a lady I couldn’t show my weakness, so I started saying what I felt when I first tried it. I said, I offered you this awesome scotch just because I believe it represent you:  Bold and sumptuous. For twenty one year’s these aged single malts and grain whiskies have remained dormant in our cold dark warehouses before they were finally mixed along by our master liquidizer. Thus the spirit should be control long on the roof of the mouth for a minimum of twenty one seconds to awaken its several hidden attributes. Sort of a rare masterpiece it’ll reveal its inner beauty. It’s inner world. Intense flavors of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger spice reward the roof of the mouth, and then whispers of cooking chocolate, liquorices and crushed almonds drift fondly on.

Black Dog

Black Dog

She stopped me in middle & asked “Are You the brand ambassador of this brand? (With a wacky smile). I said, to be very honest with you, I just tried this excellent scotch just few minutes back as one of my friends suggested me for this. I’m not very much into it. Then she bashfully smiled & said “very smart huh!”

As soon as she stopped smiling, I saw Akshay was approaching towards me…

(To be continued)

Written as part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps & Black Dog.



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